Maine Fulbright Stories

The world gives us a lot of choices, if we’re open to them.

Caroline Foster

Singapore, 2018

Maine Fulbright Stories offers memories and insights about international exchange experiences from Fulbright Award grantees who either came from Maine, or came to Maine, to complete their Fulbright Awards.

Michael Socolow

I would encourage Mainers to look for the right spot – and then apply!  It’s an extraordinary, life-changing opportunity to explore, make friends, participate in new endeavors, and develop professional connections around the world.  It will change your life.

Sallie Hunter

The Fulbright program is an extraordinary opportunity. There are so many ways to achieve personal goals with the different Fulbright options available. And the true magic happens when the experience unfolds and it becomes so much more than you ever thought it would!

Ronald Savitt

My favorite experiences in Hungary were with my family. Our 11-year-old daughter who grew up in Vermont was confronted with a world beyond her wildest imagination. There were new foods, an international education, and all those people with whom she could not communicate.

Edna Luz Pedraza Garzon

The Fulbright Program is the best opportunity to communicate to the world that this country is more than the most renowned sites. This program has allowed me to live with American citizens and to understand the values of American culture.

Caroline Foster

In 2018… I traveled to Singapore to study the social and emotional curriculum they embed in secondary schools while taking a class in linguistics for education at Nanyang Technological University.  The academic experience was top-notch… I could babble indefinitely about the people, art, food, and even just the gift of time to read and write, but the biggest win, for me, is the shift in understanding in how I think about the world.

Tien Dang

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2016, I wanted to continue to pursue my research passion and simultaneously, to experience the world beyond the classroom’s walls. Through this experience, I grew tremendously as a scientist and a person.