Maine Chapter—RFP

The Board of the Maine Chapter of the Fulbright Association invites eligible Maine Fulbrighters to submit a request for financial support that furthers their own academic/community interests, as well as the goals of the Maine Chapter. We will give consideration to projects/activities that may have resulted from a Fulbright experience or are a product of more recent scholarly/community endeavors.

The objectives of these awards are to:

  1. Offer modest financial assistance to Maine Fulbrighters in pursuit of academic/community projects and activities;
  2. Promote the Chapter to a broad audience; and,
  3. Extend the impact of the Chapter by sponsoring projects/activities that are compatible with our mission, namely: “To continue and extend the Fulbright tradition of education, advocacy, and service.”

Application deadlines: April 15th and October 1st.

1500 words maximum


Please complete the following at the top of your application:

        1. Your name: ________________________________
        2. Contact information: _____________________
        3. Your Fulbright Award: Year ______________
        4. Country_____________________________________
        5. Program____________________________________
    1. Please continue with:  a statement describing your project/activity;  your role in it;  who and how many will be served;  the outcomes and benefits.
      Indicate date(s) and location of activity.
      In your statement, please also explain how you think the activity reflects the Maine Chapter’s mission, “To continue and extend the Fulbright tradition of education, advocacy, and service.”
    2. Please be sure to answer the following questions in your application:
        1. Are you collaborating with other individuals/organizations in this project/activity? If so, who/what, and explain their role in your application.
        2. Do you have other resources/sources of funding for your project/activity? If so, please describe from where and for how much?
        3. How much grant funding are you requesting (maximum of $250.00). How do you propose to spend it?

      Please submit this request in PDF form to by the April 15th or October 1st deadline.

      An applicant may not have received a prior grant from the Maine Fulbright Chapter within the past 18 months.

      The Chapter reserves the right to review and determine the number of awards for each funding cycle.

      A brief report will be due at the end of the project.

      [Published: February 10, 2023]