Tien Dang

Tien Dang

Fulbright: Netherlands, 2016-2017

Why did you originally decide to apply for a Fulbright?

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2016, I wanted to continue to pursue my research passion and simultaneously, to experience the world beyond the classroom’s walls. Through this experience, I grew tremendously as a scientist and a person.

How did the Fulbright experience help your professional development and career?

At Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, I worked with Dr. Anton Roks and his Ph.D. students to investigate the potential of autophagy as a mechanism for blocking cancer growth. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to work with many world-renowned scientists and learned many lab techniques such as primary cell culture and data analysis.

Tien Dang

What were your favorite experiences in the Netherlands?

Besides working in the lab, I also volunteered to teach English to Dutch immigrants at a community center and traveled all over Europe during my free time. Through these experiences, I made many new friends, experienced different cultures and languages, and tasted delicious new food. As I traveled and lived on my own for the first time in a foreign country, I also became a more independent and confident person.

What would you like to tell Mainers about the Fulbright Program?

I would not be who I am today without my Fulbright experience. Thus, I strongly encourage any Mainers to apply to the Fulbright program either as a researcher or an English teacher. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the Fulbright program.